AC220V 15W White DIY COB LED Chip

​Direct AC110/220V 15W White DIY COB LED Chip, Driver and LED together,only one housing more ,you can make wonderful light by yourself. Apply new integrated LED driving technology,more stable and longer lifetime. And also soldering free to save much time and money for you.
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Direct AC110/220V 15W White DIY COB LED Chip (Built in intelligent smart driver)


driveless G2 AC COB LED Module


Input Voltage: AC110/220V

Warm White: 2700K-3200K

Cold White: 5800K-6500K

Material: Ceramic PCB

Lighting area:Ф11mm

driveless AC COB module -2018

AC COB module details

How to use:

1.Soldering free: you no need to sold the wire to the L N point, we have made it in advance.

2.Paste the thermal silicone grease to the back of LEDs.

3.Install the LEDs to the heatsink or your lamp.

4.Connect to AC110V/220V, start working.

5.Dimmable: Integrally dimming from 0% to 100%

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