Aluminum Led Street Lamp Parts AC Module

Aluminum Led Street Lamp Parts AC Module

Aluminum Led Street Lamp Parts AC COB Module without drivers

Product Details

1. Our AC COB module are all CE certified, but others don't have.

2. Our AC COB module meets the ZAGA standard and can be adapted to the CREE reflector, but others don't.

3. Our AC COB module has 2 wires that can be connected directly to the 220V main power, not need welding again, this will save many labor cost. but others don't.

4. Our AC COB module use ceramic PCB board, better heat dissipation and more safe. others use Aluminum PCB board which is very dangerous at 220VAC, very easy to cause an electric shock accident.

5. Our AC COB module use patented technology to ensure quatity. and we also offer 3years warranty. you can use it with confidence.

50W AC COB LED module 1

AC COB LED Module size3AC COB LED 50W heatsinkAC COB LED Module specification R25

AC COB LED module can be connected directly to the main power supply 110VAC / 220VAC, and create light without the typical driver.

1. Easy installation: Build-in bonding pads(+/-) and internal wires ensure the convenience and safety.
2. Universality: Match with general lens and reflection cup in the market.
3. Dimmable: Integrally dimming from 0% to 100%.
4. Ceramic PCB: Excellent heat dissipation.
5. Long lifespan, with 2-3 years warranty.
6. CE Approval: Quality assurance.

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