Ceramics COB Led Light

Ceramics COB Led Light

25W 30W 50W 100W Ceramics AC COB Light Source The material of AC COB is ceramics base.AC COB light is no drive, can light up directly with voltage of 110V or 220V, CE requirement.No electrolytic capacitor,real long service life time.Linear driver,intersity of light can be adjusted.Can bear 4000V...
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25W 30W 50W 100W Ceramics COB Led Light

This is ceramics cob led light for 25W 30W 50W 100W.

Soldering free. Directly connected AC110 or 220V main power supplier.

TRIAC dimming.

Epistar/Bridgelux cob led with 50000hours Long lifespan

Soldering free : The bonding pad is built into the AC product. We have welded the cable in advance,so that no need to weld by yourself.This will make the installation of AC products more beautiful and safer.

25W 30W 50W 100W Ceramics COB Led Light.jpg

25W 30W 50W 100W Ceramics COB Led Light.jpg

If you have interested on it, please advice any time!!!

Contact:Suki Liu

Tel number:13424516386(wechat)


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