Lighting Repair Method AC COB LED Module

AC COB can be connected directly to the main power supply 110V/220V, and create light without the typical driver. Advantages: 1. Easy installation: Build-in bonding pads(+/-) and internal wires ensure the convenience and afety. 2. Universality: Match with general lens and reflection cup in the market. 3. Dimmable: Integrally dimming from 0% to 100%. 4. Ceramic PCB: Excellent heat dissipasion. 5. Long lifespan, with 2-3 years warranty. 6. CE Approval: Quality assurance.
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How to troubleshooting ceiling light fixture?

LED lamp is the most commonly used lighting fixture in home decoration. Its high brightness, long life and low energy consumption are its three major advantages. 

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However, we still have to encounter various problems during the use, for example:

1.ceiling light wont turn on. light not working

3.bathroom spotlights not working

4.recessed light not working

5.led lights not working

6.all ceiling lights not working

7.porch light not working

8.ceiling light stopped working

office lighting

And then we need to repair the LED lamps. 

However, the structure of the LED lamp is complicated, it is mainly composed with three parts, LED chips, driver, and lamp body. LED chips and drivers are the most prone to failure. Different power and model LED luminaires need to match different LED chips and drivers, which brings great trouble to maintenance work. 

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We have an easy way to solve the problem. use our AC COB LED module, which is driver and LED chip compositive. It can be connected directly to the municipal power supply. parameters as blow:

Power: 5W, 7W, 10W, 15W, 25W, 35W, 50W

Input voltage: 110VAC, 220VAC

CCT: 3000K, 6000K



Installation is as follows:

1. Remove the original busted light drive and LED chips.

2. Directly connected the two 25CM Teflon wires matched by the LED module to the 110V or 220V mains power, no welding wire is needed, and then the screws it.

Now it is finish.

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