Traic Dimming DOB SMD Module Customize Case

New design--DOB SMD LED Module with traic dimming function,here is one of the customize case for application led ceiling lamp.The application scheme can pass safety regulation, CE, EMC, RoHS and UL certification.

Product Details

Traic Dimming DOB SMD Module customize case



1. With Dimming design: through silicon controlled electronic dimming device, uniform dimming without flicker, dimming range up to 90%;

2. Negative temperature protection: when the substrate temperature exceeds 85 ° C, the IC automatically reduces the output current to control the substrate temperature rise.

3. It can pass the certification: anti 1500V surge impact, harmonic thd less than 20%, no EMI battery interference, meeting the requirements of national safety regulations.


SMD LED sizes and other parametes can be customized according to your application production.

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