Zhongshan Epistar Chip 10W 220v COB LED Chip

Zhongshan Epistar Chip 10W 220v COB LED Chip

1. Easy installation: Build-in bonding pads(+/-) and internal wires ensure the convenience and safety. 2. Universality: Match with general lens and reflection cup in the market. 3. Dimmable: Integrally dimming from 0% to 100%. 4. Ceramic PCB: Excellent heat dissipation. 5. Long lifespan, with 2-3 years warranty. 6. CE Approval: Quality assurance.

Product Details

AC COB LED module can be connected directly to the main power supply 110VAC / 220VAC, and create light without the typical driver.


10W AC COB LED module 1AC COB LED Module size1AC COB LED Module specification D11

 The Same Series COB 

The Same Series AC COB LED Module

l  Features


Easy installation, Soft light, High Luminous Efficacy, Excellent color rendition, Low power consumption, Long operating lifespan, Low decay


1. LED chip is soldering on the ceramic PCB, the heat can be spread out through ceramic PCB rapidly.

2. Low light decay: decay rate is less than 3% after 1000 hours and less than 30% after 35000 hours.

3. Equable and soft irradiancy, no glaring and eye protection.

4. Good reliable, no dead bulb, no dark space, uniform spherical scattering.

5. COB LED encapsulation lighting can be multi-functionally used in variety lighting products.

6. Highly color-rendering index and lighting effect, no ultraviolet and infrared rays, no attraction to mosquitoes.

7. Plastic Integration encapsulation to ensure the products safety used.

8. No contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals, environment friendly.

l  Applications

LED daylight lamp, Reading lamp, Street lamp, LED backlight, Energy saving lamp, Indoor and Outdoor commercial lighting

AC COB LED Module track light

Packaging & Shipping

AC COB LED Module pakageShipping

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1.Price term: EXW.

2. Payment: West Union, T/T.

3. Warranty: 3 years.

4. Lead Time: 15-30 working days after the orders are confirmed.

5. Transportation: express, air or sea.

6. Valid period: 30 days


1. Surging voltage, -AC COB LED module built-in protection circuit to protect it against surging voltage in the power grid. Ensure normal use but not affected by the external 


2. Safety, - Our AC COB LED module uses ceramic PCB. It is safer than aluminum PCB when it is working at high voltages 110vac or 220vac, and has no risk of electric shock. All 
of our AC COB LED module has passed CE certification.


3. Heat dissipation and lifespan, - Our AC COB LED module uses ceramic PCB, flip-chip encapsulation technology, chip is directly soldered to ceramic PCB board, which greatly 
shortens the heat transfer process, is a more advanced production process; other manufacturers use aluminum PCB normal encapsulation, the chip is bonded to the fiberglass board 
by the heat-dissipating silver glue, mainly through the gold wire heat transfer, so the heat conduction effect is extremely poor, which is an expired production process. All of 
our AC COB LED module with 3 years warranty and you can use it with confidence.


4. Commonality, - Our AC COB LED module conform to the ZAGA standard. The illuminating surfaces are Φ11mm and Φ14mm respectively, and the illuminating angle is 115°, which 
can perfectly replace the CREE CXA1512 and CXA1816 or citizen COB LED on the market. The conventional reflector and lens are perfectly matched and can be directly replaced 
without redesigning the mold.


5. Easy to use, - Our AC COB LED module comes with two wires, which can directly connect 110vac or 220vac mains power voltage without welding, saving a lot of labor and 
avoiding the AC COB LED module damage by welding failure.

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