7w COB LED For Lighting Design Solution

7w COB LED For Lighting Design Solution

AC COB LED is flicker-free with capacity, and it also supports dimmable function. LED-holder attached and warranty is 5 years. Now, AC COB is on sale, low price and short delivery time. Why not put an order right now?!
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7w COB LED for Lighting Design Solution

The COB light source is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology in which an LED light-emitting diode chip is directly attached to a high-reflection metal substrate. The COB light source can be simply understood as a high-power integrated surface light source, and the light-emitting area of the light source can be designed according to the product outline structure. The external dimensions, as well as the actual use, flexibly configure the photoelectric parameters for the purpose of use.

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  • Electrically stable, circuit design, optical design, and heat dissipation design are scientific and reasonable;

  • The use of heat sink process technology ensures LEDs have an industry-leading heat lumen maintenance rate (95%);

  • Facilitate secondary optical matching of products and improve lighting quality;

  • High brightness, low light decay, high color rendering, uniform illumination, no spot, healthy and environmentally friendly, soft light without glare;

  • Fast heat dissipation, simple installation, easy to use, reduce the difficulty of lamp design, and save lamp processing and subsequent maintenance costs;

  • High reliability, low power consumption and long life of more than 20000H.

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In the future of ALIGHT technical improvement, an IC chip which makes high PF compatible with flicker-free is on its development way. We think it will be on our promotion list in the following October.

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