Flexible 6500k COB LED

Flexible 6500k COB LED

cob led 5 watt night light product life of up to 50,000 hours. Individualized design: can be designed by your picturers or mind. environmental protection: no toxic metals mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation. 5 years warranty. we are accept customized in a short time. we have a good R&G team.

Product Details

3V5W Flexible 6500k COB LED

This is flexible cob led and no need driver to cob led. It only use low voltage(3V,6V,12V,24V). Becasue Emit light is installed on aluminium layer of PCB.

It is very soft and any shape you can made.

less power consumption: light effects to 100lm / w of the LED power consumption than equivalent incandescent brightness reduced by 5%.And the high CRI is 80-95Ra and 6500K.

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Product Specitication




Luminous Flux:300lm(100lm/w-120lm/w)


LED Chip:Epistar

Color Temperature (CCT):2700K-6400K


Warranty:3-5 years

If you have interested on it, please advice any time!!!

Contact:Suki Liu



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