Light source & lamp customization + light distribution solution service

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Our engineering team has over 10 years experience in the LED lighting design and solutions, and we allocated the consummate examine equipment, aging test equipment and professional soft-design, collected a lot of high-quality administrative talents and also have the rapid prototyping equipment for sample’s appearance evaluation and performance testing (can be able to make the model quickly without open a new mold).

Currently, our main designing service including street light, flood lights and other outdoor lighting fixtures, as well as indoor accent lighting,track light, pendant down light, grille light and other indoor lighting fixtures, also including general fluorescent tube, bulb lamps and other common lamps.

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COB LED Custom-Tailored Solutions

ALIGHT has a excellent custom service system in any possible unique lighting concept. For product, we are not only focus on your custom COB LED, but also the whole system in your application including radiator, driver, and cover and so on. For service, you have our engineer team and technical group for back-up, as well as our reliable full-tracking service within 12 hours.

*LED Lamp customization


*AC COB LED for Larger Panel

*Letter COB LED for AD Sign

*Flexible COB LED for 3D application

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