300ml 500ml Hand Disinfection Gel Liquid Spray 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol 75% Hand Sanitizer kills more than 99.99% of germs
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Alcohol 75% Hand Sanitizer for hospital, home, office, outdoor

Effective resistance to bacterial viruses

washing gel-s

washing gel-9a

To open a correct way to wash your hand

Step1: Take an appropriate amount of hand washing gel and squeeze it into your palm.

Step2: Apply the disposable gel evenly on the palms back of the hands, fingers.

Step3: Rub your hands for about 10 seconds, your hands are dry.

hand washing gel-3

The hand sanitizer protect your health and your family's health, fresh and not greasy,

Wash hands frequently, keep away from bacteria, 

Do a good job of protection, suitable for home, office, outdoor.

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