Disinfection Air Sterilization Light Uvc Led Portable Sterilizer

Kill virus portable 2W LED UV sterilizer ultraviolet light air purifier for indoor disinfection

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New arrived-On sales! Portable Mini LED UV Sterilizer Wand

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UVC-ultraviolet disinfection 99.9% sterilization rate, no false publicity


High-voltage power makes bacreria fly off instantly

Invisible, no temperature, no trace

Hundreds of millions of bacteria have actually been killed

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More details & Parameters for UVC light:

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UV disinfection technology is commonly used in hospitals, bacteriological research, military and aerospace fields.

It uses a pure physical sterilization method and uses a wavelength of 260-280nm to irradiate, which can instantly destroy microbial DNA such as bacterial viruses and RNA and cause it to lose its reproduction and viability.

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