LED UVC Lamp Uv Led Germicidal Lamp

Kill virus portable 2W LED UV sterilizer ultraviolet light air purifier for indoor disinfection

Product Details

Portable Mini LED UV Sterilizer Wand wavelength 270-280nm

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UVC-ultraviolet disinfection 99.9% sterilization rate, no false publicity


High-voltage power makes bacreria fly off instantly

Invisible, no temperature, no trace

Hundreds of millions of bacteria have actually been killed

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More details & Parameters for UVC light:

UVC Sterilizer-4


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UV disinfection technology is commonly used in hospitals, bacteriological research, military and aerospace fields.

It uses a pure physical sterilization method and uses a wavelength of 260-280nm to irradiate, which can instantly destroy microbial DNA such as bacterial viruses and RNA and cause it to lose its reproduction and viability.

UV light test

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