3 LED light shaping principles such as RGB LED

- Oct 15, 2018-

Three LED white light forming principles such as RGB LED

Both RGB LEDs and white LEDs are actually intended to achieve white light, but one is directly white light (phosphor) and the other is mixed with red, green and blue.

Imaging principle of RGB lamps: RGB lamps are integrated with three primary colors. In addition, there are blue LEDs with yellow phosphors, and UV LEDs with RGB phosphors. Overall, both have their imaging principles, but the attenuation problem and The effect of ultraviolet light on the human body is a problem that is difficult to solve in the short term. Therefore, although the demand for white light can be achieved, there are different results.

RGB is obviously more diverse than white LEDs. For example, such as car lights, traffic signs, shop windows, etc., when you need to use a certain band of lights, RGB color mixing can be arbitrary, in contrast, white LED It is more disadvantageous, so of course it is stronger in effect. On the other hand, if it is used in lighting, RGB LED lights will be more disadvantageous, because it is mainly used to see the luminous flux, life and solid color of white light. At present, RGB LED lights are mainly used in decorative lights. aspect.

From seeing the bright future of white LEDs using phosphors, Lin Zhuxuan, the general manager of the US light source, who has already announced the abandonment of this line, said that not only is the problem of light attenuation, but other problems are also a major cause. He clearly stated that white LEDs are obviously inferior to RGB in terms of sharpness and color purity. He also said that the overall brightness and sharpness of RGB is five times that of phosphor white LEDs when the RGB overlaps. In addition, the problem of light attenuation, expensive wafers, is also a major reason for his optimistic RGB lights.


People who like high quality should find it easy to find that the color of some LED backlights is particularly clear and bright, and even has a high-definition TV. In this case, it is the characteristic of RGB. The red is red and green. It is the characteristic of green, blue or blue. In the color mixture of light, it has more characteristics. Just like the painter's palette, it will make the most realistic color world perfect and make a beautiful life.

Separate control when RGB is separated, although it can be directly controlled, the color mixing is also good, but it is a big problem to achieve mixed white light. Although the cost is expensive, the quality is relatively good. As for the white LED light, although The cost is cheap, it can directly replace CCFL, become the main technology of LED, but relatively speaking, because of the problem of wavelength frequency, they are packaged together, so the scattering will be unstable.

The problem of control of RGB lamps still needs to be strengthened. For example, if one of the lights is broken, it will be quite obvious on the whole screen. On the contrary, the white LED lights can complement each other, because it is a side-by-side relationship, so it can complement each other. A broken LED, and the uniformity of the complement, so that the overall situation does not look too bad.