About the ceiling spotlight

- Aug 31, 2018-

About the ceiling spotlight

As one of the individualized designs in the decoration, the ceiling often bears the overall “modeling responsibility”, but in the current Nordic and minimalist style, it is not only possible to save the cost but also design. The two styles of the same style are the same, is the ceiling really a stumbling block in front of the public aesthetic?

ceiling spotlight

In fact, before you make a decision, you should first understand these issues:

01/ Is there a need to make a ceiling?

02/ What are the types of ceilings?

03/Guest restaurant, kitchen, bedroom, how to install ceiling in different areas?

01 necessary or unnecessary

First we need to be clear about what the ceiling is for:

Functionality: occlusion equipment, pipelines, easy to install lamps, central air conditioning and other purposes.

Decorative: coordinate space proportions, shape room style.

LED pendant light

In the matter of decoration, the first consideration for qualified designers is always functional, and secondly it is the question of beauty or not. In other words, if you don't mind that there is only the main light in the room, there is no corresponding auxiliary lighting. Or you can accept that the beams in the house are uneven, the wires are all clear, the curtain rods are exposed, etc. You can not do the ceiling, not only save the budget but also shorten the construction period, which is naturally the best of both worlds.

However, many people will feel that they have to make a ceiling in any case during the renovation, especially when the living room comes to a "circle top", so that it is a good idea to say that their home is renovated. Did not consider whether the ceiling has practical functions, whether the ceiling style is suitable, this kind of hanging for hanging, brush the presence of feeling for others, is not within the scope of discussion.

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Type 02 Integrated ceiling

The mainstay of the kitchen and bathroom is a collection of lamps, exhaust fans, Yuba and other products in a ceiling, most of the materials used are aluminum gussets.

Plasterboard ceiling.Now the more common and mainstream practice is to use a light steel keel to fix the surface with plasterboard.

Plasterboard ceiling lighting.jpg

Advantages: use water-resistant paper gypsum board + waterproof latex paint + cement-based water-resistant putty, water and crack resistance. In addition, the ceiling and the wall joints are further sealed with neutral mildewproof silicone to further insulate moisture and make the gap more beautiful.

Disadvantages: Disassembly is inconvenient. However, as long as the active inspection port is reserved at the toilet and drain outlets, it is convenient to repair the equipment and replace the wires.