Aging test plan for LED lighting products

- Oct 23, 2018-

Aging test plan for LED lighting products

The long-term aging test of LED backlight and lighting products is a very important test. Through the aging test, it is possible to detect the light fading, color temperature change, leakage and other faults that LED products may cause in long-term use, which is beneficial to the stability of product performance. ITECH power and aging test software is mainly used for aging test of LED backlights and lighting products.

The results of the aging test of LED lighting products have a great relationship with the equipment used. The aging equipment and LED lighting products must ensure that the best aging time is determined under the condition of sufficient heat dissipation, and the data is monitored by the aging system for analysis and comparison. In order to get the most accurate test data, to achieve the purpose of production and testing.

aging lights test

Second, the characteristics of the power supply and aging system applied in the LED aging test:

Since the operating current of the LED is very special, a professional test system is required to obtain reliable data. In general, the power supply and aging system used in the LED aging test should have the following characteristics:

1. High-power ratio digitally controlled DC power supply has a wide range of voltage and current usage and has a wide range of applications;

2. It can automatically control the rate of change of voltage and current, and the maximum possible cost reduction;

3, high precision and high resolution;

4, low noise and ripple;

5, as small as possible, save space;