Car light cob light source introduction

- Sep 05, 2018-

Car light cob light source introduction

The headlight cob light source is a lighting fixture manufactured using cob as a light source. This is a solid-state semiconductor device whose ability to convert electrical energy directly into visible light. The color of visible light emitted varies depending on the material of the inorganic semiconductor. Cob is the first to appear on mobile phones, computers, and TV screens. When cob is just beginning to become popular, the electronic devices that carry this technology are not cheap. COB light sources have become popular in office, home, and other places where lighting is used because of energy saving, long service life, and soft and non-glare characteristics. Nowadays, cars have become popular.

     1. Luminescence principle: Cob is a solid semiconductor component. When these semiconductor materials are energized, only a portion of the electrical energy is circulated through the semiconductor material, and excess energy is released in the form of light, thereby directly converting electrical energy into light energy.

     2. Advantages: strong reliability, long service life, high lumen per watt; firm and simple structure, not susceptible to vibration; fast response.

     3. Disadvantages: high cost; cob cluster has high heat dissipation and is easy to damage.