Causes LED dead lights for various reasons

- Oct 17, 2018-

Causes LED dead lights for various reasons

We often encounter the situation that led does not shine, this is the phenomenon of dead lights that people in the industry say. The reason is nothing more than two situations:

First, the leakage current of the LED is too large, causing the PN junction to fail, so that the LED light is not bright. This situation generally does not affect the operation of other LED lights;

Second, the internal connection leads of the LED lamp are disconnected, causing no current to pass through the LED and generating a dead light. This situation will affect the normal operation of other LED lamps, because the operating voltage of the LED lamp is low (red, yellow and orange LED operating voltage) 1.8V-2.2V, blue green white LED working voltage 2.8-3.2V), generally have to be connected in series and parallel to adapt to different working voltages. The more LED lights in series, the greater the impact, as long as there is one LED The internal wiring of the lamp is open, which will cause the entire LED of the series circuit to be off, which is more serious than the first case.

LED dead lights are the key to affect product quality and reliability. How to reduce and eliminate dead lights and improve product quality and reliability is a key issue for packaging and application companies. The following is some analysis of some of the causes of the dead lights.

 * Static electricity damages the LED chip, causing the PN junction of the LED chip to fail, and the leakage current increases to become a resistor.