Ceiling lamp installation tips

- Sep 19, 2018-

Ceiling lamp installation tips

Although there is no crystal chandelier's solemn and gorgeous, but because of its stylish and beautiful, simple and generous, the ceiling lamp has become the first choice for many homeowners' friends.

Is not noly plays a role in lighting,but also has a certain decorative effect.There is a beautiful and characteristic ceiling lamp,which will definitely add luster to the home.

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Some people don't know about the ceiling lamp at all. I don't know which one is right for me. When I go to the lighting store, the salesman often says what it is. Therefore, before you buy, you must know the basic knowledge of some ceiling lamps to make a better choice. No regrets!

The ceiling lamp is named for its relatively flat top and the bottom of the lamp that can be securely attached to the roof. With the development of technology, the changes of ceiling lamps are also changing with each passing day. They are no longer limited to single lamps, but are diversified. They not only absorb the luxury and style of chandeliers, but also adopt the installation method of ceiling lamps to avoid the short room. Defects with large luxury lighting.

The difference between ceiling lamps and chandeliers: The lamp body of the ceiling lamp is directly mounted on the roof and is suitable for overall lighting. Ceiling lights are basically the same as chandeliers in terms of function and characteristics, but differ in form. 

The difference from the chandelier is that the ceiling lamp differs in the space of use. The chandelier is mostly used in a higher space, and the ceiling lamp is used in a lower space. In addition, the ceiling lamp requires the lamp body to be longer.