Creative lighting appreciation

- Sep 20, 2018-

Creative lighting appreciation

Even if the decoration is simple, there are not too many decorations and exquisite ornaments, but through a few simple chandelier design, the taste of the whole house is revealed.

egg light.jpg

Creative broken egg chandelier

This special-shaped lamp adopts the image of “beating eggs” that is common in daily life, and the instant of playing eggs is vividly expressed. Taking the eggs that are flowing out as a light bulb, it is full of characteristics and full of life and fun, and it can definitely attract everyone's attention.

umbrella lights.jpg

Rainy season - solar umbrella light

The spring rain gives a gentle and delicate beauty, and it can also moisten all things. The traditional oil-paper umbrella of Jiangnan has opened up the impression of spring rain. This unique "umbrella" is dual-purpose and can be used to block sunlight during the day and as a luminaire for illumination at night. Moreover, it is still a solar umbrella. The solar panel is used to absorb the light energy and convert it into electric energy. The battery of the handle handle can collect the electric energy and provide illumination to the LED at night, and the intensity of the light is still It can be adjusted by turning the handle.

Butterfly chandelier.png

Butterfly simple chandelier

Seeing the butterfly, have you ever thought that it would be the inspiration for lighting? This butterfly chandelier from the Milan Design Weekly show, bionic design, can not help but think of a feeling of being under the butterfly. The light source is designed between the butterfly wings, the wings are made of PV material, without too much decoration, simple and light and light, people can't help but want to dance with it.