Difference between LED table lamp and COB chip

- Sep 08, 2018-

The difference between LED table lamp and COB table lamp

When the COB light source meets the table lamp, what kind of spark will it be rubbed? The institute and lighting partners have developed a new eye protection table lamp for COB light source. The test results show that the table lamp with COB light source technology has no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation, low energy consumption, high illumination, high color rendering index, etc. The advantage is a new generation of light source closest to natural light, which has a significant effect on protecting the eyes and preventing myopia. I think this is the gospel of all those who are committed to eye protection.


LED desk lamp is a table lamp with LED (Light Emitting Diode) as the light source. LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light. LED is the third generation of lighting technology after incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.

Some experts say that solid-state light source is a new type of light source that has great potential to replace traditional lighting equipment in the next decade, representing the future of lighting technology. Therefore, there are too many people in this era who only hang on LED light sources and praise LED lamps. However, due to the low barriers to entry of LED lamps, the unqualified products that appear in our products are indistinguishable by our consumers, leading to LEDs behind us. 

The light source has such an invisible hazard: the longer the LED lamp is lit, the faster the phosphor in the light source decays, and as a result, the light in the blue light band that is in contact with the human eye becomes more and more intense, thereby causing damage to the human eye. Therefore, the eyes look at the LED light source for a long time, which is easy to cause dizziness, uncomfortable feeling, and even cause eye damage, which will increase the chance of suffering from eye disease.

alight cob LED lighting

The continuous advancement of science and technology is to benefit all mankind. Since the LED light source is the third generation of lighting technology, there are fourth-generation lighting technology and fifth-generation lighting technology. Recently, the fifth-generation lighting new light source, COB, has appeared in the lighting industry.

So what is the COB light source? The COB light source is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology in which the LED chip is directly attached to the mirror metal substrate with high reflectivity. This technology eliminates the bracket concept, electroless plating, no reflow soldering, and no patching process, so the process is reduced by nearly three-thirds. First, the cost is also saved by one third.

Simple understanding is the high-power integrated surface light source, which can design the light-emitting area and external dimensions of the light source according to the product's external structure. When the COB light source is applied to the desk lamp, it is generally more advanced, more eye-protecting and more powerful than the LED desk lamp.