Five ways to match home lighting fixtures

- Aug 18, 2018-

Five ways to match home lighting fixtures!

   We often say how to choose lighting fixtures to match the furniture style, parameters, light effects, heat dissipation, etc. These are very easy to understand for those who understand the decoration. So what about laymen? We have summarized five methods to make it easy for you to learn how to choose lamps.What angle do you need to choose from, or what factors need to be considered to match?

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First, coordination (can also be understood as style consistency)

  In addition to the decorative nature of the home choice, the coordination of the lighting in the home lighting should also be considered. The lighting should be carefully designed, coordinated with the decoration of the room, and matched with the furnishings. The lighting material and the material of the furniture are consistent, which can reflect the owner's artistic conception

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Second, highlight individuality

  The color of the light source creates an atmosphere based on people's needs, such as warmth, calmness, comfort, quietness, tranquility and so on. It highlights the special characteristics of the owner's lighting requirements and reflects different personalities. More pursuit of life.

Third, choose from the interest

  Of course, people with different interests have different home styles, and the home lighting they like is different. People like me like bright. If you like music and entertainment, you can consider some brightly colored lights.

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Fourth, choose from age

   People of different ages have different choices for home lighting. For the elderly, it is best to choose quaint. Middle-aged people can choose to match fashion and concise. Young people can try some more creative, and children can choose some colorful. For example, the human room, the author has written a special article to introduce the lighting design of the elderly room needs to pay attention to.

Fifth, choose from the profession

  It is necessary to know that the lamps and lanterns of different occupations are different. For example, those who design, they need a variety of lighting settings, white-collar workers, need a table lamp to facilitate work, and floor lamps can help read.

 Are you mastered in these five methods? Or if you have a better suggestion or plan, discuss it together in LinkedIn or Facebook, sincerely invite!