High power white LED cooling and life

- Oct 23, 2018-

High power white LED cooling and life

High-power white LEDs are used in daily lighting applications. In fact, after environmental protection light sources have received increasing attention, they have become the primary choice for developing environmentally friendly light sources.

Increased demand for environmentally friendly light sources

The main reason why LED light source is favored is that it has long product life, high light-to-electric conversion efficiency, and material properties can be embedded in any plane. However, in the development of daily lighting sources, due to the need to achieve practical "lighting" requirements, the original LEDs for indication purposes can not directly correspond to lighting applications, must be strengthened from the chip, package, carrier board, production technology and external circuits. To achieve the high power, high brightness lighting effects required for lighting applications.

As for the market demand level, the white LED developed for the lighting application market can be said to be a product with higher usage in the future, but in order to achieve the utility, the white LED must be improved for the lighting application. One is to strengthen the LED chip, for example, to increase its light-to-electric conversion efficiency, or to increase the chip area, so that the luminous amount (light flux) of a single LED reaches its design limit. Secondly, it is a more compromised design. If the size of a single LED chip is continuously difficult, and the multi-chip LED chip is packaged in the same light source module, it is also a practical technical solution that can reach the above method. .

Multi-chip package for low cost, high brightness design requirements

As for the inspection of industrial practice requirements, due to mass production flexibility, design difficulty and control of product yield/cost, LED chips continue to meet the design bottleneck of cost and yield. A glimpse of the design of the chip area may be difficult, not technical and production technology, but in terms of cost and efficiency considerations, large-area LED chips cost higher, and changes to actual manufacturing needs The design flexibility is low.

Instead, the integrated packaging method of multiple chips is used to equidistantly arrange a plurality of LED small chips on the carrier board, and the entire package of the optical package materials is connected by wire bonding to form a light source module product, and more The chip package can be integrated into a light source module equivalent to a large chip after secondary chip processing, but it is more flexible in terms of manufacturing flexibility than the single-chip LED light source component.

At the same time, the multi-chip LED chip module solution, the production cost can also be greatly reduced due to the cost of the chip, which is equivalent to the lower cost development option under the same luminous flux of the monolithic design.