Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair

- Oct 27, 2018-

Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair

This lighting exhibition, in the different applications of home, retail and construction, the market demand for LED, energy-saving and other environmentally friendly lighting products is very strong, driving the industry to grow. The new technology continues to evolve, and buyers are eager to purchase the latest LED products at the Autumn Light Show.

Exhibition criteria

Commercial lighting: advertising lighting / advertising lighting, architectural lighting, automotive lighting, Christmas lighting, decorative lighting (decorative lighting), recessed lights, emergency and security lights, entertainment lighting, exhibition lighting, medical lighting, industrial lighting, keychain lights, Kitchen lighting, neon signs and signs, office lighting, fiber optic lights, pen lights, security lighting, spotlights, stage lights, electric toy lights, home lighting, reading lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, contemporary lighting, crystal lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, Colored glass lamps, wall lamps.

LED and environmental protection lighting: energy-saving lamps, LED billboards, LED converters, LED devices, LED lights, LED manufacturing equipment and verification machines, LED modules, OLED lighting, solar lights.

Outdoor lighting: moisture-proof lamps, flashlights and lanterns, spotlights, garden lights, high pole lights, lawn lights, street lights, underground lights.

Lighting accessories and parts: ballasts, light pipes / bulbs, quartz lamps, lamp holders, lighting components, lampshades, dimming lamps, reflectors, switches, transformers, lighting, wires and cables.

Lighting Management, Design and Technology: Business Management and Consulting Services, Energy Management, Lighting Quality Verification Services, Lighting Design Services, Lighting Design Software, Lighting Distribution Systems, Lighting Measurement Systems, Wireless Lighting Management Services.

Many overseas lighting purchasers or production suppliers of the lighting industry will showcase their latest research and development of lighting products at the exhibition, show their own technological innovation capabilities, etc., promote the scientific and technological exchanges of the world's lighting industry, and promote the development of science and technology! !