How to choose LED and energy saving lamps

- Mar 16, 2019-

How to choose LED and energy saving lamps?

Lumen is a brightness indicator. The higher the value, the brighter the bulb. For incandescent lamps, the conversion of Lum and Watt is about 10 Lum: 1 Watt, and the LED light is about 100 Lum: 1 Watt. It can be seen that the efficiency of the LED lamp far exceeds that of the incandescent lamp, saving 90% of energy consumption.

lumen important

 Kelvin expresses the color temperature, which is simply the color of the light.


Next is the color rendering index. The higher the value, the better. The index of incandescent lamps is 100. In the past, LEDs only looked like 60. The so-called incandescent lamp is mainly for this reason. Now with the advancement of LED technology, some excellent products are above 90, and the mainstream is also 80-85. If it is low, it will not be used.

As you can see from the above picture, the Kelvin index is a very important indicator. High K values, like daylight, help focus and reflect the actual color of the object. Low K values like the light at sunset, softer and help to fall asleep. Therefore, it is recommended to be 4500K-5500K in the study room and kitchen, 2700K in the bedroom, and 2500k-4500k in the bathroom living room. As for the desk lamp, it is said that there is no gap in technology, mainly in the difference in shape design. Height 40cm or more Color temperature 4000K or more Brightness adjustment is a hard standard, and the rest must be tried in person. Updated in 2019, LED has developed to the present, almost completely outperformed with energy-saving lamps. The ceiling light is basically a continuous dimming color, and it is strongly recommended to change this LED light. When the money is in place, it only needs to be selected.