How to choose LED lights for home decoration Chinese restaurant lighting

- Feb 21, 2019-

The lighting of the restaurant requires soft, quiet and sufficient brightness, which not only enables people to clearly see the food, but also matches the surrounding environment, furniture and tableware to form a visual overall aesthetic. The table lights need to be concentrated to cover the entire table, and it is best to adjust the brightness of the lights. The light source of the restaurant should be warm LED lights, and it is not suitable to use cool fluorescent lamps. Because the dishes are exposed to cool light, it will directly affect people's appetite.

There are about four types of lamps commonly used in restaurants: LED ceiling lamps, LED chandeliers, LED downlights, and LED wall lamps. Due to the characteristics of the structure of the lamp itself and the installation position, the effect created in the restaurant is not the same. It should be different according to the owner's eating habits, the placement of the furniture, the size of the restaurant, etc. The lamps reflect the layering of the restaurant.

In the decoration of the restaurant, for restaurants with smaller space or restaurants with other spaces, LED chandeliers and LED wall lamps should be the mainstay, and space should be saved as much as possible to meet the lighting requirements. When you use a hanging chandelier, in order to achieve the effect, the chandelier can not be installed too high, just above the diners' eye level. The size and form of the chandelier need to match the overall style of the restaurant and the form of the dining table, because the size of the space and the form of the dining table are closely related to the number of chandeliers, brightness and configuration.

You can also buy some chandeliers with exquisite design to add scenery to the restaurant, such as chandeliers with fruits and vegetables, or chandeliers with lily shapes. Their beautiful shapes and delicious food on the table reflect each other, and a meal becomes more abundant. It is.

Followed by the direct light source in the restaurant, including the LED lights of the wine cabinet, decorative paintings and ornaments, mainly the furniture or accessories directly directed to the restaurant, to achieve the special effect of the items. Therefore, the rational use of lamps can make your family life more warm.

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