How to choose the restaurant lighting

- Jan 12, 2019-

How to choose the restaurant lighting?

In addition to the initial hard work, the decoration of the restaurant is also very important, especially for the design of lighting, and the good restaurant lighting design can improve the grade of the restaurant decoration.

It can also stimulate people's appetite and ensure people's healthy eating, but many decorators have not considered these details when they are decorating the restaurant. How to design the restaurant lighting? How to choose the restaurant lighting?

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How to design restaurant lighting:

1, chandelier:

The chandelier is an important element to enhance the decoration of the whole restaurant. The chandelier should be hung at least 30 inches above the table. It can provide plenty of light for dining. If you don't keep the proper distance, it will interrupt your meal. It is more troublesome to use. Glass chandeliers provide The sparkling effect of your restaurant, other materials include copper, aluminum, wrought iron, crystal chandeliers and more.

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2, side lights:

The side lights are regularly discharged on the wall of the restaurant, which will bring unexpected effects to the owners. Of course, the side lights must be properly placed and it is necessary to prevent large-area shadows.

3. Table lamp:

Table lamps are the easiest way to illuminate your restaurant. Table lamps are the most convenient restaurant fixtures because they are free to move, and table lamps are available in a variety of styles to complement your restaurant d├ęcor.

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4, Dimable lights

The dimmer is a good idea for restaurant lighting choices. It allows you to choose the atmosphere for special occasions depending on the occasion. For family dinners, you can use romantic and cheerful light. For formal dinners, soft and pleasing light usually It is the most appropriate.