How to deal with the LED downlight caused by the virtual welding?

- Nov 26, 2018-

Under the same lighting results and premise, LED downlights are more than 80% more energy efficient than traditional light sources, and their lifespan is more than 10 times longer than traditional lamps. It also features high light efficiency, easy regulation, and wide application limitations. Received praise and likes from consumers.

Because of the large demand for LED downlights, the current LED downlights in the market are also showing a lot. For manufacturers, it is necessary to do useful tests before leaving the factory to prevent the appearance of defective lamps. In the following, I will teach you how to distinguish between the LED downlights caused by the virtual welding and the solutions. I hope I can provide assistance for everyone.

First, identify the dead laser light

A simpler but more convincing way to identify LED downlights is to heat the unlit lights. We heated the LED leads of some non-bright LED downlights to 200-300 °C. If so, the LED downlights can be lit, but the LED downlights turn from bright to off when the lead temperature is lowered. This confirms the LED downlights. It is a virtual weld. When this situation is presented, it is clarified that the LED downlight caused by the virtual welding is dead.

Second, deal with LED dead light method

1. The neglect of a certain link in the encapsulation process is the reason for the formation. The LED lamp is basically ignored and formed. If the staff accidentally puts the silver glue (about the single solder joint chip) more or less, it is impossible, more glue will return to the chip gold pad, forming a short circuit, less chip and not sticky . The four parameters of pressure, time, temperature and power must be exactly the same. Otherwise, the pressure is easy to crush the chip, and if it is too small, it is easy to solder.

2, the treatment of static electricity on the LED downlight smash formation damage, so that the PN of the LED chip is cut off and the method of causing the dead light. The LED chip's PN is cut off and the death light is caused by the task personnel. The body has a lot of static electricity, which is related to the fabric clothes worn by people and the physical condition of everyone. We take off clothes in autumn and winter nights. It is easy to see the discharge scene between the clothes, so the anti-static clothing should be worn during the task, with an electrostatic ring, the electrostatic ring should be grounded well, there is a static ring anti-static effect that does not need to be grounded, the result is not good, it is recommended not to use With this kind of item, if the task personnel violate the operating procedures, they should bear the warning education of response, and also the effect of notifying others.

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