How to install the ceiling light

- Sep 18, 2018-

How to install the ceiling light

The lamp is the eyes and soul of the home. The shape and light effect of the lamp directly affect the atmosphere of the home life, the beauty and even the health. The lighting required for different spaces in the home is not the same, but the limitation of the height determines the main style is the suction. Ceiling light (bedroom, living room, aisle). Now everyone will follow me to understand the installation method of the ceiling lamp.

Tools/raw materials

Impact drill, electrician pliers, screwdriver (plum or flat-blade screwdriver, depending on the screws on the luminaire), insulating tape, a small piece of wood, ladder (preferably wooden ladder, because the wooden ladder can be insulated to prevent electrical conduction)

Method / step

install the ceiling light

These points are very important, everyone must remember

First: When you install, please make sure that the power is off, or that the wires reserved in the place where you need to install are not powered! Otherwise, you will have life safety!

Second: the two wires connected to the ceiling of the ceiling lamp power supply should have good electrical contact. They should be wrapped with black tape and kept at a certain distance. If possible, do not put the two wires under the same piece of metal. In order to avoid short circuit, danger occurs.

Third: If the screw cap is used in the ceiling lamp, the following two points should be noted in the wiring:

The 1 phase line should be connected to the terminal of the center contact, and the neutral line should be connected to the threaded terminal;

2 The insulating case of the lamp cap should not be damaged or leaked to prevent electric shock when replacing the lamp.

Fourth: A room with a high ceiling or a vibrating ceiling is suitable for installing ceiling lamps. When installing a ceiling lamp in a masonry structure, use pre-embedded bolts, or use expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs; do not use wooden wedges. And the bearing capacity of the above fixing member should match the weight of the ceiling lamp. To ensure that the ceiling lamp is fixed, reliable and can extend its service life.

Fifth: When fixing with expansion bolts, the bolt specifications should be selected according to the technical requirements of the ceiling lamp size product. The drilling diameter and the buried depth should be consistent with the bolt specifications. Sixth: When installing, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the connection between the luminaire and the installation. The connection must be able to withstand the load of 4 times the weight of the lamp without deformation.