I understand what is the led control card

- Jan 15, 2019-

The LED control card is the core component of the display, which is equivalent to the CPU of the computer. Responsible for receiving information from the computer serial port or u disk, placing the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scan control timing required for the LED display screen according to the partition driving method. The screen of the LED display is transcoded through it.

With the rapid development of LED display screens in the past two years, the market for LED control cards has become more extensive. The development of LED display screens has gradually entered the civilian use, such as door screens for various storefronts, indoor and outdoor. A variety of square LED screens and other various types of strip screens, such as the use of more asynchronous LED control card manufacturers have Ruihe letter, Lycra, Yangbang, Yukuo, Jinhan, Jane and so on. Generally, the display screen must be equipped with a computer to update the content, which brings inconvenience to the program update of the majority of advertising users.

U disk control system can save the computer, save wiring, control 100,000 points, one card, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor display, after the listing is deeply loved by screen users all over the country. In addition, we can help you to use our card to do a lot of special displays, such as lobby signs, to develop the local market.

I understand what is the led control card

The development of LED display has gradually entered the civilian use, such as door screens for various storefronts, various square screens for indoor and outdoor, and other strip screens. The U disk LED control card solves this problem. U disk is the most common and inexpensive information transmission media tool. Even if the user does not have a computer, the content can be updated by using the Internet cafe, home or friend's computer to update the display content. The disc does not need to be inserted all the time on the display or its extension cord. After a few seconds of insertion, the information is stored in the screen and the USB flash drive can be removed. The U disk LED control card has a common serial communication function, and users who want to communicate directly with the computer can directly connect to it. The content of the LED display screen is transmitted by the U disk, and has been gradually applied to the LED display screens throughout the country.

The LED display screen has bright colors, strong stereoscopic effect, and is as static as oil painting. It is widely used in stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprises and Other public places.

Its advantages: high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, easy to match with integrated circuits, simple drive, long life, impact resistance, stable performance, etc.

I understand what is the led control card

LED card


1, the maximum support of 510,000 points, with 1000 P10 monochrome unit board.

2, control range: monochrome: 4096 (horizontal) * 512 (longitudinal), two-color length halved; built-in 5 12 interfaces, 3 08 interfaces, can be extended to 32 12 interfaces and 16 08 interfaces.

3. The control card supports the horizontal and vertical display of the unit board, and supports common indoor and outdoor single and double color display boards such as P10, F3.75, F5, P7.62, P6, P12, P16 and P20. Intelligent identification of various cell boards.

4, function: a variety of water border (surround the border), a variety of animation; multi-program (sequential playback, timed playback, fixed-length playback), any partition, can add a watershed border in a separate area; integrated on the market various types of control cards Display functions, such as: random display, snow, scrolls and common switching methods, up to 2,500 combinations;

5, display functions: text, pictures, animation, EXCEL form, time, temperature, inverted (positive) timing.

6, stability: suitable for all sizes of U disk, support hot plug, convenient and fast. Adapt to a wider range, you can connect USB extension cable as needed, and the installation is more flexible and convenient.