Importance of color rendering

- Oct 12, 2018-

Importance of color rendering

What is color rendering? What is the impact of his choice?let me tell you how importance of color rendering(Ra).

Multiple choice questions: Which of the following two pictures, which one seems more appetizing?

Application food.jpeg

What is the color rendering of a light source?

The color rendering of a light source refers to the degree to which the light source is rendered to the natural primary color of the object. That is, the degree of color fidelity, usually called the "color rendering index" (Ra). Color rendering is divided into two categories: "faithful color rendering" and "effect color rendering". What we usually say is faithful color development.

The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) sets the color rendering index of sunlight to 100 and specifies 15 test colors. R1-R15 respectively indicate the display indices of the 15 colors. When comparing a light source to a specified reference source, an index value of 100 is best (but in fact, currently the market fixtures do not have a value of 100).

Each light source has a relatively sensitive color. For example, if a certain light source is sensitive to red, then under its illumination, the color displayed by the red object will be more realistic, but other color objects are in it. Under illumination, it is not always possible to achieve a very realistic color reproduction effect.


Professionally, the evaluation of the color rendering of the light source is mainly based on the R1-R8 8 natural colors, R9-R15 7 test colors, a total of 15 colors of reduction levels, and we usually say that Ra refers to The average value of the natural light reduction levels of the light source for R1-R8, R9-R15 is not counted.

We usually see that the lamp manufacturer will write a similar indication method such as Ra>90 (R9>50) when marking the product, and Ra>90 indicates that the color rendering of the lamp is very high for the R1-R8 8 natural colors. R9>50 indicates that the luminaire has good color reproduction ability for red objects.

How to choose lamps for the color of the item?

Choosing the appropriate lighting source is mainly determined by the color of the object being illuminated. For example, in the three comparison charts at the beginning of the article, the iron string string on the left uses a light source with a higher R9 color rendering index, so it looks more Glossy and delicious; the red skirt on the left is also a light source with a higher R9 color rendering index, so it looks brighter and brighter; while the fruit on the left side of the supermarket has a good color rendering index due to the light source Ra, so it looks more mouth watering.

Application scenario.jpeg

For the lighting source of the meat window of supermarkets and shops, the R9 color rendering index is particularly important; for scenes where studios, studios, etc. need to reproduce the skin color, the R15 index of the lighting source must not be low; museums, galleries Such places require a highly realistic reduction of all colors, and the requirements for the Ra and R1-R15 indices are more stringent.