Is the light also colored

- Sep 01, 2018-

Is the light also colored?

Twilight temperature

The color temperature (unit: K) is the color change that the human eye can feel under different energies of light.

Taking the flame as an example, the center flame with the highest temperature is blue, the yellow light is in the middle, and the outer flame with the lowest temperature is orange-red. The color corresponding to the low color temperature to high color temperature is orange red, white and blue.

color temperature

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The color temperature is blue and has a refreshing feeling. The color temperature of the deep blue sky can reach 20000k.Light with a low color temperature is reddish, and the color temperature at dusk is generally below 3000k.Lights of different color temperatures are applied in the illumination to give people different feelings.

Color development

Color rendering (Ra) refers to the degree of color reduction of an object under the light source, and the highest color rendering under the sun is 100Ra.

The more comprehensive the spectrum of the light source, the better the color rendering: in artificial light, the color rendering of incandescent light is the best, and the color rendering of energy-saving lamps is relatively poor.

When you have requirements for drawing, design, etc., the color reproduction of the light source is preferably above 80Ra.

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▲From the inside out, it is sunlight, LED light, incandescent light and energy saving light (fluorescent light)