And see how LED shoots Rocks Rise 2

- Feb 18, 2019-

After the release of "The Rise of the Orbs", many people asked where the highly skilled orangutans were found, which made Weta Digital, which is responsible for making special effects for the film, quite satisfying. Dan Raymond, the visual effects supervisor, said that the film, which is full of acting orangutans, did not activate a real orangutan actor, all based on CG special effects. Of course, it is up to human technology and acting to make these CG characters so realistic.

"Rise of the Orbs" has made a breakthrough in technology. This film makes people realize that most of what used to be called "Motion Capture" is more and more called "Performance Capture" (Performance Capture). . For the first time, this film uses Facial Tissue Simulations to make the superb performance of Andy Serkins, the "first person in motion capture performance", conveyed to the audience through the orangutan Caesar. For the first time, this film has successfully implemented the "multi-person simultaneous capture technology in daylight", which makes the "motion capture technology" that can only be operated in indoor studios have a wider use. The perfect combination of technology and traditional performance has made "Rise of the Orbs".

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The previous motion capture system can only be completed in a dedicated greenhouse. For the first time, "Rise of the Orbs" realized the motion capture process in the outdoor scene. This is a huge leap.

Before using a motion capture technique to complete a character, such as 咕噜m, you must first ask Andy Serkins to play with the actors who play the opponent. Then he doesn’t have to wear special clothes, and then he wants Andy Serkins. In the shed, wearing special clothes and repeating the performance of the previous air against the air, this time is used to collect motion capture data. Then put the CG character based on the second performance data into the first pass, replacing Andy Serkins himself. The shortcomings of this approach are obvious. It seems that only the actors such as Andy Serjins can perform the performance before the actors repeat the air, but unfortunately there are not many such people, and the late CG characters match the environment. Light, angle and the like will be flawed. "Rise of the Orbs" will allow Andy Serkins to play in the performance capture costumes with actors such as James Franco and Freida Pinto, and the effect will definitely be better than before.

In order to achieve this effect, Weita has abandoned the optical capture system that was used before, using new methods. The motion capture marker that was previously attached to the actor is a reflective ball. It is an inappropriate metaphor. Like a mirror, the system collects data from the reflected light, so it is conceivable that this method can only be used for specific interference-free. In the environment, it is a fantasy to use it in daylight. This time, Weita replaced the reflective ball with a string of LEDs that emit infrared light. Each of these LEDs has a different transmission frequency, so the staff can know exactly which data comes from which point, and the light and the infrared filter The shutter time on the camera is combined, and the infrared light of the LED cannot be displayed in the film for the crew shooting, and it does not cause light pollution of the film film.

This improvement provides the basis for capturing technology out of the studio. In addition, the previous large equipment was also transformed into a flexible and portable device that can be quickly disassembled, and in order to cope with the challenges of outdoor photography, especially the bright and varied lighting conditions, the crew upgraded the original Avatar equipment and strengthened. The face motion capture portion of the camera for the head finally realizes the technique of shooting outdoors.

Nowadays, to complete a scene with CG characters and human acting, it can be divided into the following steps: performance capture actors wear special clothes and play the role of human beings alone. At this time, the system will collect performance data in real time, and you can see through the monitor screen. Probably the CG finished product and the actors play the situation, so that the director decides that it does not need to be played again. Then take another scene without an actor (or only a human actor) for use in compositing, because when the actor is replaced before the CG character is replaced, it is difficult to guarantee the performance of the actor due to the difference in body size. Completely P, this time you need to take the material from the "empty scene", used to fill the "exposed stuff" place.