LED application Who will let it return to light quality?

- Nov 24, 2018-

LED application Who will let it return to light quality?

With the maturity of the LED-light source of the lighting level in the material technology, manufacturing technology and application technology, some days later, based on the increasingly serious environmental degradation problem, the economic development is disorderly, and the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction in the world is huge. The lighting application has finally been blown up. The reason for the explosion is not because of the excellent light emitted by LEDs, but because of the energy-saving nature of LEDs. Based on this, government policy guidance, media pushes, investment inflows, and The related unrelated manufacturing enterprises have been involved in the timely transition, regardless of whether the technology is feasible, whether the capacity is sufficient, and whether the conditions are available. After a few years, LEDs are directed at the energy conservation of LEDs and supported by the national industrial policy. The strategic emerging industry is the grandeur of the city and the layout of the site.

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However, for the sake of energy saving of LEDs, who has seriously cared about the light quality in LED application technology? The state said that LED energy conservation should be promoted, national policies are being done, and the death time of traditional incandescent lamps is set. The road map is also very clear and clear. According to the plan, it is hoped that the "energy-consuming" incandescent lighting will be given to LED lighting. Also, take out the road lighting part of all cities, as an "experimental" shooting range for LED lighting applications. Under this, you believe that LED is a vast world and the prospects are optimistic, so it is constantly pouring into the "energy-saving" LED lamps. "Light"! Looking at all the urban roads that have been installed with LED street lights as of 2014, what is the quality of the light?

Light parameter part

Indicators such as light distribution and glare index control were seriously ignored by many LED manufacturers before 2013, and they pursued brightness and illumination.

The glare index control imposes strict requirements on LED street lamps. It is a difficult contradiction for LED manufacturers to design and illuminate the lighting. For example, the glare generated by the 120-degree illuminating angle and the 140-degree illuminating angle must not be Same day. The owner of the municipal department also believes that LED street lights with wide LED illumination can reduce the number of poles per kilometer. This demand is real, but there are also contradictions in application. Perhaps this problem is still pending.

The choice of lens material is not a good idea for LED street lights for road lighting! For a variety of different environments, wear, high temperature, anti-aging, deterioration, anti-pollution, etc., also cause problems such as light breakage and light color change during the application process.

For the application of LED, there are still many problems. For example, if the blue light of the LED is mixed with the yellow phosphor, white light is obtained, and the red light is absent in the spectrum. Whether the LED light is blue or not is long-term activity in such an environment. Under, does it hurt people? The cause of the process and the quality of the material caused by the color temperature deviation, reddish, greenish, etc., also need to engage in LED application technology to stop the continuous improvement of technical ideas for low-cost service, return to the craftsmanship, make light, make people Satisfactory application.