LED Ceiling Light & LED Recessed Downlight

- Aug 18, 2018-

LED Ceiling Light & LED Recessed Downlight

The LED ceiling light is an illumination source that selects an LED as a light source and is installed in a room. Because the upper part is flat and tightly mounted on the roof, it is like it is adsorbed. Instead, the downlight is embedded in the ceiling, saving space.

Such as:LED ceiling light

LED ceiling lightceiling light.jpg

LED Recessed Downlight

downlight ledLED Recessed Downlight

In addition, downlights are used in offices, conference rooms, shopping malls, laboratories, airports, etc. Its luminous flux and size are large, which not only saves more energy, but also produces huge brightness. However, ceiling lights are often used in places where more lighting is required. Its lampshade is made of acrylic and has high brightness. They are cheap and easy to install and have a good decorative effect.

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