LED color temperature

- Aug 21, 2018-

LED color temperature

    In LED products, an important specification number is the color temperature, which is related to the color characteristics displayed by LED lighting products. The general lamps also have color temperature specifications. The color temperature measurement unit is based on KelvinScale, that is, in K. 

    At the beginning, when Kelvin observed that the dissolved metal began to reach the maximum temperature in the steel plant, the color of the metal was different, and it was recorded in data units. Later, a specification sheet of LED color temperature was produced.

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First, what is the color temperature:

    It is expressed by the absolute temperature K, that is, the standard black body is heated, and when the temperature rises to a certain extent, the black body color begins to dark red-light red-orange-white-blue, gradually changing, when a light source and the black body have the same color, we put The absolute temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source.

Second, the color temperature under different light source environment:

The following is a color temperature comparison table used by common LED lighting fixtures:

Halogen lamp 3000k

Tungsten wire 2700k

High pressure sodium lamp 1950-2250k

Candle light 2000k

Metal halide lamp 4000-4600k

Cool color camp light 4000-5000k

High pressure mercury lamp 3450-3750k

Warm fluorescent light 2500-3000k

Clear sky 8000-8500k

Cloudy 6500-7500k

Summer noon sunshine 5500k

Afternoon daylight 4000k

Third, the LED color under different color temperatures:

1. Low color temperature: The color temperature is below 3300K, the light color is reddish to give a warm feeling; there is a steady atmosphere, warm feeling; when using low color temperature light source, it can make red more vivid.

2, medium color temperature: color temperature is in the middle of 3000--6000K, people have no obvious visual psychological effect under this color tone, have a refreshing feeling; so called "neutral" color temperature. When illuminated with a medium color temperature source, the blue color is

Cool feeling.

3, high color temperature: color temperature is more than 6000K, light color is blue, giving people a cold feeling, when using high color temperature light source to make the object have a cold feeling.