LED packaging technology development trend

- Dec 17, 2018-

LED packaging technology development direction:

LED packaging technology is currently developing in the direction of high luminous efficiency, high reliability, high heat dissipation and thinning. The main highlights are ceramic substrate packaging, Flip Chip, and phosphor coating technology. The package product development form is as follows:


LED development history


LED package substrate:

LED packaging has become more and more miniaturized and integrated through the development of recent decades. Therefore, the thermal effect problem is highlighted when driven by high current. In order to increase the luminous flux and increase the driving current, this will generate more heat. LED performance is reduced by about 5% for every 20 °C increase. 90% of the heat generated by the LED is going down, so in the packaging technology, heat dissipation is very important. Available high-power LED thermal carrier boards are FR4, aluminum substrate, copper substrate, ceramic substrate (alumina, aluminum nitride). Among them, the aluminum substrate has a warpage problem, and the ceramic substrate is the best choice in terms of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusion.

LED development history2

Based on the above packaging considerations, the currently used white light technology is: phosphor coating and phosphor Molding technology, mainly coating a thin layer of fluorescent glue on the surface of the chip or Molding a layer of fluorescent glue on the surface of the chip. This can improve the traditional process spot phenomenon and improve the light extraction efficiency.