Let the lamps at home shine as new

- Sep 27, 2018-

Let the lamps at home shine as new

Newly installed led lights at home, it will not be long before you will find that the lights are getting darker and weaker. What is going on? It is not a problem with the quality of the luminaire, but you have a problem with the maintenance of the luminaire. So, how can the lighting at home be as bright as new? Let's take a look at how to properly use the maintenance lamps!

First of all, when installing the luminaire, be sure to refer to the marking instructions on the lighting and the lighting source parameters, etc., according to the regulations to install and use the luminaire, to avoid some safety hazards in the use of the luminaire.

Secondly, in the usual use of lamps, we must pay more attention to observation. If the lamp has dark hair, or the ends of the lamp start to glow red, flicker, and jump. That means that the lamp has been aging, and it is necessary to replace the new lamp in time. Otherwise, if the electronic ballast burns out, it will cause an unsafe accident.


Lamps installed on the ceiling of the ceiling will be covered with thick dust for a long time. Therefore, be careful when cleaning the dust. Do not disassemble the lamp fittings easily. After cleaning, install the disassembly sequence and reinstall the lamp. Do not miss the screw caps, lighting accessories, etc., so as not to affect the normal use of the lamps.

Finally, it is important to note that the kitchen is a heavy oil smoke, and the lamps in the kitchen must be treated as a key protection object. The lamps in the kitchen must be cleaned and maintained, and the lampshade will not be swallowed by grease. If it is particularly stubborn grease stains, it is recommended to wash it with a damp cloth and baking soda warm water. Neither the lamp cover will be damaged, and the lights in the kitchen will restore the previous light!

If you want the lights in your home to be the same as the newly purchased lamps, you should do the usual maintenance work!