Light color has an impact on people's health

- Sep 29, 2018-

Light color has an impact on people's health

Color has a great influence on people's psychology and physiology. How to correctly carry out indoor lighting color design has gradually become another important thing that people consider when decorating a house. Today, let's talk about the lighting design tips in the home decoration!

The first is the bedroom, the bedroom is the place to rest and sleep, it should be the most comfortable place in the whole family. Therefore, the lighting of the bedroom should be soft, quiet, darker, do not use strong stimulating lights and colors, and should avoid the strong contrast between the colors, avoid red and green.

The study, the cool-colored lighting is more suitable for the study, the cold light can create a broad feeling, can excite the spirit, improve the learning efficiency, and at the same time help to eliminate and reduce eye fatigue.

The living room can be bright and bright. Since the living room is a public area, it is necessary to create a friendly and intimate atmosphere. The rich, layered and artistic lighting can create an intimate atmosphere.

The restaurant can use yellow and orange lights because yellow and orange can stimulate appetite.

The lighting design of the bathroom should be bright, highlighting the clean and tidy bathroom.

The kitchen has a slightly higher requirement for lighting. The lighting design is as bright and practical as possible, but the color can not be too complicated. We can use some small circular panel lights to fill the kitchen workbench.

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Maybe you have been insomnia for a long time but you have been unable to find the reason. Is it that the lights are not used? After reading these, just go and see if the lights in your home are right. You can choose the LED light lamp with new light source illumination, standard color temperature and stable lighting to protect your health!