Lighting industry term CCT

- Aug 14, 2018-

Lighting industry term -CCT

Each light source has a natural color tone to its light. In general, to produce warmer tones and a more comfortable/soothing light (often used for general lighting), purchase lights that have a 2700-3200 k (kelvin) rating. 

To produce truer colors and a more natural light (Dressing Rooms, over fruit and veggies, areas where you want the truest color without glare), 4000 – 4500 K. For day white or bright light (task-spaces, offices), 5500-6000 K. The Color Rating Index (CRI) is basically a measurement of how a light shows a product’s true color. 

Color temperature

So CCT=color temperature,There are more color temperature options.

color temperature.png

Yellow light:3000k-3200k

Warm white:4000-4200k

White light:6000k-6200k