Lighting performance and characteristics

- Aug 15, 2018-

Lighting performance and characteristics

When lighting design, lighting fixtures suitable for each space must be selected. However, there are many styles of lighting fixtures, and the performance and characteristics are also different. Understanding this is the first step in choosing lighting fixtures.

The types of lighting fixtures used in general housing are as follows:

                                                                                    Ceiling Spotlight

Features: dimmable ceiling spotlight

1) Directly mounted on the ceiling to illuminate the entire interior of the fixture;

2) Many homes use it as the main lighting;

3) Most use ALIGHT light source, plus aluminum reflector to spread the light out;

4) The luminaire can be controlled by a wall switch or remote control. The type of remote control used may have a stepless or staged dimmer.


                                                                                                                                                                                              LED Pendant light

pendant lighting detailFeatures: 

1) Lighting fixtures that are hung on the ceiling with cables or chains;

2) There are various sizes and shapes, and the style of the lampshade is also very diverse;

3) The installation method is mainly for ceiling hooks that do not require electrical engineering, and some must be directly attached to the ceiling or use lighting guide rails.

Be careful:

1) Where ceiling hooks are used, they must be placed in the weight of the luminaire;

2) When using a cable, the weight of the lamp will be supported in the future, and a chain will be added.

3) When using the guide rail for lighting, the system of the power supply and the switch is located on the guide rail, and it is necessary to check whether the lighting fixture used is compatible.

Outdoor lighting


1) Door pillar lights, downlights, spotlights, garden lights, various styles of lamps;

2) Rainproof lighting fixtures are generally used;

3) When using a house, you can use a professional sensor lighting device to provide nighttime security protection;

4) When designing, consider both visual display and safety guard function.

Outdoor lighting

Points to note:

 1) Even if it is rainproof, it cannot be used in places where there is a possibility of flooding, lighting fixtures embedded in the ground and nailed spotlights should be avoided in low-lying areas;

2) Outdoor appliances should be drained and confirmed at the time of construction.