Make Cash Savings with LED Lighting

- Aug 18, 2018-

Make Cash Savings with LED Lighting

LED LIGHTING   It is an established fact that LED lighting is the most cost effective lighting solution available today. Regardless of a slightly higher capital cost, the incredibly low maintenance costs and high efficiency of these lights save huge amounts of money in the medium to long term. 

   It is not unusual to hear of businesses making a return on their investment in less than 12 months.

Here are a few ways, which can help you enhance the savings through LED lights:

Use the Right Type of LED Fixture:

     LED lighting technology offers customized lights for almost every area and every use but the maximum benefit can be attained only if the correct type of lighting is used. For example while LED floodlights work wonders for illuminating large areas or objects, these high wattage lights will not be feasible for use in regular living rooms. Instead, LED bulbs and sometimes tube lights will be best for such uses, in terms of both cost and lighting output.

Install Dimmers:

   Not all areas require full illumination at all times. Galleries and hallways do not always need bright lighting, So in such applications, installing dimmers with LED lights can enhance the cost savings. Remember that the lower the level of illumination, the less will be the electricity uses and hence the greater will be the cost savings.


Install Lighting Sensors:

   Another very effective way to increase the money savings is to use sensors with LED lights. Depending upon the area and application, vacancy sensors, sunset switches and occupancy sensors might be used. An example of this in a commercial setting would be an underground car park where often you will find that Fluorescent tubes are left on 24/7 burning electricity at a high rate. An analysis would show that in this circumstance, lights are only needed in the on position for perhaps 3 hours per day. Savings of close to 85% of lighting power can be made.