Minimum luminous efficiency regulations

- Aug 10, 2017-

Israel announces minimum light efficiency energy regulations for luminaires

Energy efficiency standards are procedures or regulations that govern the energy performance of a product. Sometimes energy efficiency standards prohibit products that have energy efficiency values below the minimum specified value for sale on the market. The target limits for determining the energy performance of a product (usually referred to as maximum energy consumption or minimum energy efficiency) in accordance with specified test procedures.

On December 16, 2013, Israel announced a new draft regulation called “Energy Regulations (Minimum Light Efficiency of Luminaires) 5773-2013” published by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources. Products covered by this regulation include: Luminaires (ICS 29.140.40);

Lamps and lighting fixtures not listed in other headings, including searchlights, spotlights and their parts;

Illuminated signs, illuminated nameplates and similar items with fixed light sources, and parts of these items not listed in other headings (HS 9405).

These regulations require import or production. All luminaires sold or distributed in Israel should be tested by the Israel Standards Association or an accredited laboratory for compliance with the light efficiency requirements specified in Table 8.1 of the Israeli Standard SI 5288 for luminaire efficiency ratings. This standard uses (with some modifications) the National Electrical Manufacturers Association document LE 5 -2001, but extends the standard to all types of general purpose fixed luminaires.