OLED technology development trend

- Feb 28, 2019-

OLED technology development trend

On the oled display side, the recent market forecast suddenly became optimistic. The biggest reason is that in the display field, the pixel drive circuit, that is, the tft for the backplane, has emerged with innovative technology. As of now, the oled display has been in the production of small-sized products of less than 5 inches, but it has not been able to achieve large-scale. Although companies such as Toshiba and LG Electronics also said that they would launch a 30-inch oled TV around 2009, they ended up failing.

    The reason why OLED monitors are difficult to achieve large-scale is because there are many technical issues, but the biggest reason is that the low-temperature polysilicon (ltps) tft technology, which is the mainstream technology of small displays, has a sharp decline in yield when the size is increased. . Recently, as the oxide semiconductor-ingazno tft technology has gradually approached the practical level, the obstacles to the large-scale backplane have also begun to be eliminated.

    As a result, the OLED display began to set off a large-scale boom. Headed by LG Electronics, display manufacturers generally start producing 55-56-inch products, and AUO even produces 65-inch oled TVs. In addition to Samsung's 55-inch oled TV, most large-screen OLED monitors use ingazno tft or similar technology in the backplane.

    Another advantage of ingazno tft is that the manufacturing process requires less temperature and makes it easy to make flexible displays. A 14.7-inch (larger size) organic display film using ingazno tft has also been prototyped.

    Ingazno tft is also beginning to be used to increase the size of liquid crystal displays. OLed displays cannot be used as competitors in liquid crystal displays by increasing the size. However, in the research and development of the flexible direction, the OLED display is in front of the liquid crystal display. If you can implement a large-screen flexible display with oled technology, you can get out of the competition centered on large-scale and high-definition, and it is expected to quickly eliminate the sense of occlusion in the oled field. This is the background for survey companies to make optimistic market forecasts.

    Of course, the technology needed to achieve large-scale and flexible is not just ingazno tft. At present, large-scale OLED televisions still have many serious technical problems such as power consumption.

Of course, the COB chip is still the theme of the lighting era. Alight company has developed a new series of cob models, including Driverless AC COB LED Chip and High effect cree cob led chip, which are matched with commercial lighting spotlights. Downlights, chandeliers, etc., can reduce the total cost by 20% (installation fee, life cycle).