Plant lighting: LED energy saving effect is significant

- Jan 12, 2019-

At present, our living environment is facing more and more serious problems, global warming tends to be serious, and food shortage is also worsening. Therefore, in recent years, LED light source has been used in plant food cultivation, and the establishment of “plant factory” has become a trend. Fan Huairen, an industry analyst, pointed out that the annual growth rate of LED plant factory lighting output is 62%, and the Taiwan factory includes Yiguang (2393-TW), New Century (3383-TW), Jingdian (2448-TW), and Yuanyuan ( 3061-TW) cut into the field of plant lighting in different fields. However, due to the certain foundation of Taiwan's agricultural development and the small domestic demand market, the development of Taiwan's plant factories has been limited. It is recommended to develop high-living crops and enhance plant lighting. Industrial competitiveness.

LED plant lighting factory

Plant factory refers to fully enclosed, artificially controlled lighting, temperature, humidity to cultivate crop growth, in addition to reducing water loss, but also through artificial LED lighting and air conditioning to achieve energy-saving effects, currently Japan is quite active in lighting factory development, According to statistics, as of the end of March 2011, there were 16 semi-manual lighting factories in Japan and 64 in full lighting.

Fan Huairen, an industry analyst at the Optoelectronics Association, pointed out that LED agricultural lighting has significant energy-saving effects. According to statistics, in the fluorescent plant plant, the lighting energy consumption is as high as 82%, but if LED is used instead of traditional lighting, it can be reduced. Energy consumption; domestic Taiwanese factories have also entered the field of plant lighting applications. For example, in 2011, Yiguang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Philips, Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical and other international companies to develop LED special lighting applications.

LEDs have gained recognition in many fields for their high efficacy and energy saving advantages. LEDs can even use optical communication to connect to the network. China should also develop and utilize LED lighting and display applications. On the one hand, it can promote the development of these industries, on the other hand, it can enhance consumers' attention and support for LEDs, thereby further promoting the popularization of LED lighting and making it green. Lighting illuminates thousands of households.