Ra95 lamp beads are more suitable for photography lights

- Nov 10, 2018-

Ra95 lamp beads are more suitable for photography lights

As people's requirements for the quality of photography continue to increase, the lighting effects of photography are becoming more and more strict. In some complicated environments such as nighttime, indoors, hotels, cars, elevators, etc., in order to take beautiful pictures, you need to use the lights reasonably. Efficient LED photographic light for fill light, not only need to cooperate with the scene light to build the main light, auxiliary light, contour light, make full use of the natural light outside the window, but also need to use the high color rendering index LED photography light to fill the light. Through these treatments, there will be a better shooting environment and shooting results.

Photographic works are much more subtle than TV shooting requirements. Especially the lighting of points and lines, using modern lighting technology, the shooting effect will be greatly improved, but the TV image has entered the high-definition era, so the lighting requirements are also improved.


With a high color rendering index of the photographic light, the photographic effect can be better displayed in the work. The brightness can be debugged according to different environments, and the color rendering is good (Ra ≥ 95), which can almost completely restore the color of the object itself, and can draw details such as the eyes of the person. Appropriate adjustment of the light source can make a better image of the character, which adds new and operable technical conditions to the art of photography.