Selection and use of cylinders & track lights

- Sep 17, 2018-

Selection and use of cylinders & track lights

Lighting is an emotional design, and each user has a subjective difference. Let us find some rules and learn to express the lighting needs of the home. At least we can say where the good is not so good, so that we can communicate with the designers at the same frequency, know how to express emotions, and then do not express them emotionally.

LED track light fixture

Adjust the light direction of the luminaire, control the shading angle, and turn the luminaire from direct illumination to indirect illumination.

Adjust the light direction of the luminaire.jpg

▲ The left and right lights have the same brightness and beam angle. Why is the glare on the left side glare? And the right side is soft and comfortable?

The difference is that the shading angles of the two lamps (there are explanations below) are different in size. The girl on the right sits in the shaded area of the luminaire. She can't see the light source inside the luminaire. Without glare, it is not glaring. As the saying goes, "It's not too bright, but too direct."

led track light beam angle.jpg

▲ The track light turns to the wall, and the light is reflected by the wall to the human eye. It is soft and comfortable, and the direct light becomes indirect light.

Indirect illumination differs from direct illumination in whether or not it is refracted by the medium. The principle of adjustment is: wipe the wall without the wall, control the shading angle, and avoid glare.

lights source.jpg

▲The left lamp illuminates the wall vertically, so that the part is too bright, and the refraction of the wall produces the brightness of the human eye and even the glare. The right side of the picture will not, the light will wipe the wall, and the light will be soft and even.