Several Key Problems in LED Lighting Design

- Oct 13, 2018-

Several Key Problems in LED Lighting Design

To design a product, first determine which LED package structure to use; next, consider how to adapt to these package forms; there are not many opportunities for us to choose, the optical structure is built on these packages; many of our ideas can not play well . The following describes the key issues and analysis in the LED lighting design process.

First, the problems in the application of semiconductor lighting

1, heat dissipation

2, lack of standards, products are not good

3, there are problems with price and design quality, and ultimately consumers choose LED lighting, lack of confidence

4. Semiconductor lighting is very different from traditional lighting in electrical design. Traditional lighting companies need experience/skill accumulation process.

5. Everyone is optimistic about the market, but there is still no scale.


1. By adjusting the high-precision constant current chip to ensure the consistency of LED brightness and chromaticity, we provide standard, customized and reliable high-quality products for downstream customers at the module level;

2, new and old lighting design manufacturers, not too complicated electrical design, only need to add a traditional constant voltage power supply to work on the simple circuit design, is the fastest and most reliable way;

3. Solve the technical and quality problems in the LED lighting market on a large scale.

Second, the heat dissipation design

1. The shortest heat is transmitted to the path to reduce the heat conduction resistance;

2. Increase the mutual conduction area and increase the heat transfer rate;

3. Reasonable calculation of the design heat dissipation area;

4. Effective use of heat capacity effects.