The choice of eight home lighting fixtures

- Sep 21, 2018-

The choice of eight home lighting fixtures

We have already learned the basics of how to choose the light source of the luminaire and the luminaires of different shapes, but in fact, the selection of luminaires not only needs to understand the characteristics of the products, but also needs to combine their own needs, such as the characteristics of the space and the style of the home.

 As follows, the author cites the choice of the eight major space lighting fixtures at home:

First, bathroom fixtures

The lamps in the bathroom should pay attention to the moisture and water resistance of the lamps. Therefore, try to choose ceiling lamps and wall lamps in modeling lamps. The advantages of the ceiling lamp in the bathroom are not to mention, the wall lamp is also more suitable for the bathroom. The shape of the wall lamp generally avoids the damage of the water vapor to the lamp. 

For the light source, incandescent lamps should be chosen, and energy-saving lamps should not be selected. The color temperature of incandescent lamps is yellow, which can give people a warm feeling, and is suitable for the needs of sanitary wares, especially winter bathrooms.

Second, the living room lighting

There is no law in the choice of lighting in the living room, which can be selected according to the size and style of the space. If you have a small space, you can choose a main light. If you have a large space, you can use a variety of lamps to create an atmosphere. It should be noted that the living room is the place to meet guests, so the light must be sufficient. Common lighting styles with chandeliers plus downlights or light strips.

Third, bedroom lighting

The bedroom is a private privacy space for rest, and the softening is the key point of the bedroom lighting, so as to ensure the owner's emotional relaxation. Therefore, the lighting of the bedroom is best based on warm and warm yellow. At the same time, the bed above the bed can be embedded with lighting or wall lamps, or can be embedded in the decorative cabinet to make the interior more romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

Five, restaurant lighting

The choice of restaurant lighting can be selected according to the shape of the dining table. For example, it is suitable to install a chandelier of appropriate height above the square dining table, and it should be equipped with a lampshade. If the dining table is round, in addition to the long chandeliers that can be installed directly above, a concealed downlight can be installed on the ceiling as an auxiliary light source. If you are more interested in the atmosphere of the meal, you can choose a wall lamp with adjustable brightness as a restaurant light.

Six, kitchen lamps

The kitchen is a place to cook, try not to dress it too fancy, it is best to choose the cabinet with its own lamps. From the perspective of energy saving, do not place too many lamps. Ceiling lights are generally not used because they do not collect light, only astigmatism, so it is not suitable for installation in the kitchen. The light source should be chosen to be warmer than possible, and the light is beautiful.

Seven, study lamps

The study is an important place for work and study. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient reasonable reading illumination in the selection of lamps. For those who often write at the desk, it is best to have a desk lamp as a local lighting desk lamp on the desk, which is both professional and space-oriented. It is recommended not to use direct lighting. In addition, it is recommended to place an indirect light source around the ceiling for illumination. Indirect lighting avoids visual glare damage caused by direct light.

Eight, corridor lighting

Many families will ignore the lighting in this space. In fact, the choice of corridor lighting is also very elegant. If it is equipped with an exotic shell wall lamp and a sapphire wall lamp, it not only plays a role in auxiliary lighting, but also is a beautiful home accessory. In addition, if the corridor is too long, it is recommended to have natural light on the top, and the matching of the wall lamp lighting must be consistent with the overall style of the family.