The difference between high power and low power LED

- Mar 20, 2019-

LED is a kind of point light source. Different from the current energy-saving lamps or incandescent lamps on the market, the point light source is just a point of light, and this point of light also has another important feature, that is, only one side has light. If we want to use this special light for lighting, we must deal with this light. At this time, we use the upper light guide plate to refract the light emitted by the LED through the light guide plate. To achieve our requirements and objectives, although the LED has a qualitative leap in optical angle, if the human eye directly looks at the light source, it will cause certain damage to our eyes, so in the LED lighting, we further light It is processed to achieve the purpose of direct observation by the human eye while softening the light.

At present, the industry uses a large amount of 0.06W power, its brightness can be up to 7LM, we temporarily do 6LM calculation, if you want to achieve 1W power, we need to use 17 identical LEDs, the total The brightness is 17*6=102LM, which means 100LM/W can be achieved; if we use a single chip for 1W power, the output brightness is up to 80LM, and the commonly used is generally about 60LM, which is on the brightness. A major difference, it can be seen that for home use, we still have to choose a low-power LED is more appropriate. From the perspective of product cost, the cost of high-power LED is higher than the cost of low power. This comes from two aspects, one is the cost of LED itself, and the other is high-power LED with aluminum heat sink. The board, plus natural cooling, can meet the requirements. From the point of view of the future maintenance cost of the product, if our lamps fail in use, we can find any electrical repair shop to replace the damaged LED. The cost of a 0.06W LED is up to 0.8 yuan, and the maintenance cost is not more than 4 Yuan, if it is to replace a 1W LED, the cost of LED is 7 yuan, plus the maintenance cost is about 12 yuan. Moreover, the low-power LED can be purchased in an electronic market, and the high-power is not necessarily where. Can be bought.

With the continuous development of LED technology, people have developed high-power single LED chips to adapt to large-area lighting. At present, the world's forefront can achieve a single LED power of more than 200W, although the power can be very large, but Its price/performance ratio is not good. LED lamp beading is a market trend and the mainstream of future development. However, due to the technical failure to achieve the desired results, from the technical point of view, the current high-power LED lighting is not suitable for Home lighting.