The function of furniture lamps

- Oct 08, 2018-

The function of furniture lamps

Have you noticed these small problems with lighting in your home life? For example, when reading a newspaper in the living room, I always feel that the lighting of the lamp is not enough; or, when dressing up in the bathroom, I find that there is always black and white on the face, and the light is uneven. Or, when we prepare meals in the kitchen, the body is easy to form. A large shadow, cut vegetables almost cut hands?

If your answer is yes, then it may be because your home is only doing basic lighting when neat, neglecting functional lighting.


Note: In artificial light, the color rendering of incandescent light is the best, and the color rendering of energy-saving lamps is relatively poor. When you have requirements for drawing, design, etc., the color reproduction of the light source is preferably above 80Ra.

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On the above example, the sun, LED, incandescent and energy-saving lamps are from the inside to the outside. You can compare them according to the parameter values.

So, let's go back to the three questions that started. Why do we only use the basic lighting such as ceiling lamps and fluorescent lamps to give up functional lighting, and the effect will be bad? Because functional lighting is an advanced feature of basic lighting, ceiling lamps and fluorescent lamps can only perform the task of "illuminating" the space, and it is really unattainable for other aspects such as color reproduction.

As we said before, most people think of the idea of choosing a home lamp, nothing is the lamp in the living room, what kind of lamp in the kitchen, what kind of lamp in the bathroom, this idea is actually understandable, but this way, the big probability Only basic lighting can be done, which provides sufficient light for each room. When we encounter the problems that the article started to encounter, we will find that the functional lighting of these details was neglected when we bought the lights, but now we can’t change it. We can only buy a few small lamps and the like. Something added.

So, on the basis of basic lighting, what can we do to save?

What is the recommended solution for Sun Lighting Design for the lighting problem mentioned above? First of all, the work area in the living room and study, in addition to the basic lighting on the ceiling, it is best to put a spare table lamp on the desk to directly illuminate the table. Due to the high requirements of the work on the light (high color temperature, high color rendering light), it will easily affect the efficiency and accuracy of the work, so in this regard, you can completely buy the parameters according to the office space. Specifically, the color temperature of the work area can not be lower than 4000k, basically it is matched with cold white light.

The reading area and the working area are basically the same, and the color temperature can not be lower than 4000k, which is best for cold white light. Otherwise, it takes too long to look under the warm yellow light, which is very likely to cause problems such as dry eyes and eye fatigue. And there is one point that requires extra attention. In order to prevent the light from being too big, it will hurt the eyes. When the weather is dark, the basic lighting in the room should be opened at the same time.